What we offer at RepairMyMac!

Do you have an iMac or MacBook that isn’t working? Have you received an unrealistic quote to repair your Mac? Are you someone who lives in the GTA? Well, look no further. RepairMyMac is here to help resolve any issues with your Mac and make it work in no time. We are a business that offers fast repair services and professional solutions, all at a reasonable and affordable price!

What do we offer?

RepairMyMac offers repair services for whatever problem your Mac may have. Our services range from any issues that your Mac may have; whether it may be liquid damages, distorted video, the computer refusing to boot into OS after shutdown, forgotten password, Mac OS failing to load, a water-damaged keyboard, broken front glass and screen, a malfunction in the touchpad, a non-responsive Mac, or your Mac failing to charge.

A Little More About Us!

Our business involves a team of certified technicians who are equipped with the skills to tackle any problems with iMacs and MacBooks. The founder of RepairMyMac, Tommy Ambalavanar, created this business with the intention of offering customers with fast, professional, and reliable repair services for Macs, but with a different take.

Contact Us!

If you need your Mac repaired and you’re looking for someone who is fast and reliable to get the job done, then we are your one-stop shop! Call us at 416-262-1007, or email us at info@repairmymac.ca. You can also find us on social media and send us a message. Simply search us up on Instagram (@repairmymac.ca), on Facebook (Repairmymac), or on Twitter (@RepairMyMac) and message us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!